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The best Huawei phones of 2019: Find your perfect Huawei

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Huawei is that the second biggest smartphone manufacturer within the world once Samsung, and it's got there by providing up some glorious devices on the means.

If you are a budding creative person, Huawei phones are some of the simplest handsets you'll be able to obtain, as they are designed to be good for amateur photography – however they have alternative options that fans of the Chinese manufacturer would possibly like. Huawei puts out smartphones from budget handsets just like the Huawei P sensible vary, to the premium flagship Mate 20 pro, with entries on the means just like the fan-favorites Huawei P30 professional. There is conjointly the Huawei Mate X kicking off presently, thus if you are a fan of folding phones Huawei can presently cater to you want too.

Because of this it will be arduous to decide on that Huawei smartphone to shop for, however that is why we've created this list – thus you'll be able to run through the strengths and weaknesses of every device, associated build a familiar call on that you would like. The list caters to a spread of consumers and budgets.

Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 pro.jpg

We notably haven't got the aforesaid Huawei Mate X on the list, nor the future Huawei Mate 30, and that is as a result of we've not tested them nevertheless. However come September 19 for the latter, associated an unknown unharness date for the previous, we'll get our hands on the devices to ascertain wherever they belong.

It's price bearing in mind Huawei's current humanoid ban, within which Google suspended Huawei's future access to humanoid Play Store. Which means for the nonce, Huawei's future is very unsure, and whereas all the devices on this list can still be repaired with updates (Google and Huawei have confirmed), future phones would possibly use a unique software package entirely.

You can’t ignore Huawei any longer. With progressively premium smartphones on the market, the Chinese company has a really sensible go at difficult Samsung, LG and Sony. In fact, it currently outsells Apple globally.

There has been some rocky road on the manner, though. Huawei has been placed on the USA’s ‘entity list’, effectively ban trade between Huawei and any USA company. This caused Google to stop trade with Huawei, and though the Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro can run robot, they will not go with Google services preinstalled. For next year's Huawei P40 it's doubtless we have a tendency to could instead see Huawei's own Harmony OS. These can still be sensible phones even while not robot, and also the Kirin 990 5G processor is not any slouch.

Huawei phones P30.jpg

The good news is that none of the phones during this round-up are affected, and every one current Huawei phones can still get access to security updates, Google apps and services.

But a Huawei phone doesn’t need to be innovative to promote. The older P10 models are still sensible phones, albeit the P20 vary is healthier. And currently there is a new P30 and P30 pro, sitting atop of this terribly gather. (We'll review the Mate 30 series as before long as potential and we're expecting the Huawei P40 target March 2020.)

We additionally love the four versions of the Mate 20 series - every with completely different worth, style and options.

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